Men giving up on dating

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To radical feminists, who have been the driving force behind many tectonic societal shifts in recent decades, that’s a sign of success: they want to tear down the institutions and power structures that underpin society, never mind the fall-out. But, for the rest of us, the sight of society breaking down, and ordinary men and women being driven into separate but equal misery, thanks to a small but highly organised group of agitators, is distressing.Particularly because, as increasing numbers of social observers are noticing, an entire generation of young people—mostly men—are being left behind in the wreckage of this social engineering project.

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“Teenage boys always have been useless with girls, but there’s definitely a fear that now being well-intentioned isn’t enough, and you can get into trouble just for being clumsy,” he says.“All that wouldn’t be so bad if we could at least dull the pain with girls.But we’re treated like paedophiles and potential rapists just for showing interest.* In schools today across Britain and America, boys are relentlessly pathologised, as academics were warning as long ago as 2001.Boyishness and boisterousness have come to be seen as “problematic,” with girls’ behaviour a gold standard against which these defective boys are measured.Millions will be prescribed a powerful mood stabiliser, such as Ritalin, for the crime of being born male.

The side effects of these drugs can be hideous and include sudden death.

Obviously women have agency too, and they approach men in about the same numbers as they do elsewhere.

There certainly haven’t been any stories in [campus newspaper] The Tab about a sex drought on campus.” “I think that people are probably having as much sex as ever,” he adds.

At Cambridge, of course, that may not mean much, and for a variety of socioeconomic and class-based reasons the tribes at Oxford and Cambridge are somewhat insulated from the male drop-out effect.

But even at such a prestigious university with a largely middle- and upper-class population, those patronising, mandatory “consent” classes are still being implemented.

Squirrell, who admits to being a feminist with left-of-centre politics, thinks they’re a good idea.

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    This comes from most men’s basic inability to read a woman’s body language.

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