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None have complained because the [designs] have all been in an uplifting manner and not derogatory. I grew up wearing the "hand-me-downs" from my older brother, who was always up-to-date with the latest trends.Actually many influential people in the fashion industry -- designers, editors etc. A friend that works at the Céline showroom in Paris just placed an order with me for his whole team. Unfortunately, by the time those got to me, I was a couple seasons behind.

What made you first want to design shirts that riffed on Y-3? My intent in creating the "Y-lie" t-shirt was not to make a parody or riff on his logo -- those two terms can have a negative connotation to them.

Lately, whether at VFILES Fashion Week ragers, art openings at The Hole or Coachella pool parties at The Ace, you can't help but notice cool kids in t-shirts, hoodies or beanies that riff on high fashion labels.

Although logo parodies have always been a big part of the streetwear aesthetic, they seem to have reached a new peak as of late.

And, unlike older designs that played around with corporate logos, the more recent crop of parodies have steered away from the mass market in favor of recontextualizing luxury brands, eschewing Tide and Ford in favor of Céline and Chanel.

(Though the pendulum may be swinging back again as we speak -- apparently nothing's hotter right now than Home Depot and #Been #Trill's Heron Preston has even designed a racing shirt with the big box store's logo brandished on the back.) In many cases, these newer parodies aren't intended as subversions but rather as a way to pay homage to a certain designer or label (see, for example, House of Ladosha's play on the Versace crest, which accessorizes their Medusa with a bandana and sunglasses).

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You can buy a "Tisci" or "Philo" jersey by LPD New York, a "COMME des FUCKDOWN" beanie from SSUR or one of Conflict of Interest's "Giraunchy" tees for a fraction of the price instead.

For a certain Le Bain-and-Westway party-hopping crowd, these designs have become pseudo-status symbols much in the same way the original luxury items are. I took a sewing class when I was 16 to learn the basics [but] other than that, I'm self taught. What made you first want to design shirts, hats and sweatshirts that riffed on -- or parodied -- high-fashion logos?

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