Medieval courtship dating

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Medieval courtship dating

To a medieval European parent the marriage of a son or daughter without his consent was unthinkable.It was not only a piece of folly but in bad taste or even sinful.

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In Tudor England’s lower economic classes in particular, premarital sex was less of a social issue; simple contracts signed by the betrothed fathers, along with the town’s general acceptance of the union, was usually enough to officiate marriage.

This unusual courtship ritual had a standard format.

Step one: invite your date home to meet your parents.

Bedrooms were semi-public spaces until roughly the late 18th century, and were used for anything from giving birth to entertaining guests.

Bundling, which usually involved adolescents, just added one more ritual to the bedroom’s list of uses.

While professional cuddlers have taken up the mantle for public bed-sharing these days, as a business model and cultural practice it’s a far cry from the weird dating world of yore.

In conformity with general medieval practice Anabaptists expected to supervise and direct the marriage arrangements for their young people.

And because no New Testament instance furnished a pattern for the wooing of a wife, some Anabaptist groups accepted the Old Testament example of Abraham's selection of a wife for Isaac to show what is the duty of the parent to his son.

Tobit of the Apocrypha still serves the Amish as a model of betrothal and marriage.

Step two: watch in horror as your mother ties you up from feet to waist in a heavy sack.

Step three: get into your parents’ bed fully clothed next to your date under the watchful eyes of your parents, who place a thick wooden board between you and tuck you in for the night.

But not everyone was in favor of letting their kids sleep in a bed with the opposite sex.

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