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Mc Gowan spent her early childhood amid the group's communes, often traveling Europe with her parents.

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Dee becomes a hopeless high school wannabe to relive her glory days, Dennis talks about dating minors and finds himself dating an 18 year old, Charlie brings together young couples and listens to all the teens problems, and Mac walks around jealous and bitter(mac's personality before he became a religious, possibly gay white trash karate lover)."Then you're demonized for figuring it out and getting messy.People would call me a whore when I walked down the street, and you can't not be hurt by that." The pair dated on and off for four years and got engaged in January 2010 after Manson proposed onstage in Paris.All the characters have their own role and with their personalities it really enhances this episode, especially with all the jokes about teens, and serving them illegally for a profit and dating a chunk of them.It’s not some optional add-on extra, but rather is something central, not just to a well-adjusted suburban family with all the white picket fence trimmings, but to all things in heaven and on earth.She also portrayed Paige's past life, the Evil Enchantress in Season 4, as well as the various characters that have impersonated her, including Phoebe Halliwell, Margo Stillman, Zachary and Patra.

Rose Mc Gowan was born on September 5th, 1973 in Florence Italy, to Terri, an American writer of French descent, and Irish-born Daniel Mc Gowan, an artist.

She is also widely known as the ex-girlfriend of infamous shock-rocker/ goth musician Marilyn Manson.

In early 2008 Rose Mc Gowan was in a car accident, the impact from the crash caused one of the temple arms of her glasses to slice into her face.

) in which the couple made out under a shower of blood.

To then-teenaged Evan Rachel Wood, this was just romance on top of romance."I met somebody that promised freedom and expression and no judgments," Wood says of their relationship's beginnings. I looked at my mother one day and said, ' Mom, I'm gonna get on this tour bus for eight months and see the world and have a crazy journey and find myself, and if people aren't OK with that, I'm sorry, but I can't live my life for other people.'"Wood eventually learned that "people" indeed found her union with a makeup-caked rock star twice her age, well, gross."Most teenagers are searching for identity, and I was thrown into a situation where I was supposed to have that already figured out," the that she was attracted to Manson's androgyny, and came out as bisexual in 2011.

He has also produced, arranged, and/or composed music for/with many other artists.