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This message is from the 2008 Biblical Parenting Conference at Mars Hill Church. This message is from the 2008 Biblical Parenting Conference at Mars Hill Church. Wayne Grudem explains what the Bible means when it says, "Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life" (Proverbs ), recorded live at Mars Hill Church in August 2013.Pastor Mark Driscoll offers advice on how to make the most of your summer vacation. Bryan Chapell fields questions from a live audience of college students: If God forgives us, why not sin? #015: Pastor Mark Driscoll addresses the American Association of Christian Counselors at the 2013 World Conference, recorded live in Nashville, TN.

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I have been burdened by this for the past year and have had private meetings one at a time to learn from, apologise to, and reconcile with people," Driscoll says.

God graciously communicates in many ways so that we might know him and love him.

Pastor Mark Driscoll explains the significance of the doctrine of revelation, recorded live at Mars Hill Church Staff Chapel in 2014.

This is always an integral part of the process, and I don't mean to suggest that you stand before your church on Sunday and detail everything you've ever done wrong, but there is something really powerful in seeking forgiveness from those whom we have caused heartache.

In fact, it's a biblical command – found in Ephesians .

We may never agree with Driscoll's teaching or his approach, but there's definitely something to be learnt from his attitude.

As author and lead pastor of Denver Community Church Michael Hidalgo eloquently writes in an open letter to Driscoll: "My hope for you is the same as my hope for me and for all of us.

Driscoll's words should really come as no surprise.

Repentance is a key biblical theme and Jesus repeatedly calls his followers to turn away from sin, but we appear to have taken this to mean 'tell God in secret'.

We reluctantly admit our shortcomings to those close to us, while hiding behind a holy facade in front of the wider community.

God hears about our failures during quiet times, but that's often as far as it goes.

Megapastor Mark Driscoll's recent letter to the congregation of his Mars Hill Church, in which he apologises for some of his recent controversies and contends that his "angry-young-prophet days are over", is so out of character that it has left much of the Christian community a bit stunned. As I've expressed in several sermons, I needed to mature as a leader, and we needed to mature as a church," he writes.

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