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Coach Harvey pulls the Players apart just as the gym doors burst open. PHOTOGRPAHER And 3, 2, 1- WE see Dom reach behind Ed, grab hold of his underwear...

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Ed climbs slowly off the table, shuffles over, groaning in pain the entire way. (to Mike) The girl has absolutely no clue what she's doing. It's about you becoming the new regional sales manager. I've invested 18 years of my life in that miserable company. Negativity's for the 800 pound fat lady who needs to be airlifted out of bed. MIKE A winner doesn't have to crash at his best friend's house because he was kicked out of his own house. MIKE And you suck, Dom, but we're letting you in the picture. ED FREEDMAN, 17, sporting a jacket over a WIZARD costume, runs in, trips on his robe, gets up, peels his clothes off. I was locked in a life and death battle with the dark wizard... Mike hits a perfect jumper at the imaginary buzzer, smiles. Mike dashes for the bouncing ball, scoops it up, goes for a reverse lay up, makes it but when he lands..lands... Mike grabs his lower back, groans- MIKE (CONT'D) Ooooh. The smiling, confident image of his youth stares back at him. Mike enters, picks up the ball, begins dribbling...faster, between his legs, around his back, up to the 3 point line- MIKE (CONT'D) 3, 2, 1- 9. FITCH SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL/HALL - DUSK Mike limps out of the gym, wanders over to a wall covered in PHOTOGRAPHS... Mike searches the pictures until he finds WE saw being taken of 1989. Mike stares at the time and thought. The Janitor leans in, takes a closer look at Young Mike. The sound of an alarm clock shatters the silence as WE settle in on a large, MEDITERRANEAN STYLE HOUSE. ED'S HOUSE/MIKE'S BEDROOM - MORNING MIKE O'DONNELL, now 36, angrily slaps the alarm off...6 AM.

ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLES protrude from every inch of his body, neck and face..least 5000 needles. Mike stands feet BEYOND the 3 point line, grabs balls from a hopper and rapidly shoots, shoots, shoots. A PLAYER kneeling in front holds a sign, `FITCH FALCONS, 1989'. SAN FERNANDO VALLEY - MORNING Mike wheels his Audi A4 below a nondescript, two level building. HOT WOMEN, 20 to 35, in skimpy business suits, chatting away. WYATT PHARMACEUTICALS/CONFERENCE ROOM - MORNING PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG POSTERS cover the walls. Surrounding a conference table are Mike's colleagues... CHEERLEADERS at center court perform the Hammer DANCE ROUTINE.