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Extra app Options Selectable, configurable sound mod options Kernel Chooser Remembers your settings, uses them in future installs! Update your device to the latest firmware for your carrier. Integrate Rom DB app with Updated beyondstock kernel, fixes issue with touch on Multi ROM Updated elite kernel, improved smoothness Clean up unused install scripts Fix dark themed Google Launcher Fix issues with Google backup From @loserskater's ROM: Customizable Nav Buttons Customizable Nav Ring Navbar height on the fly... (Note, duo fx are missing atm...working on it) Updated HTC Camera to stock lollipop APK. Fixed numerous issues with installer script (Thanks @Captain_Throwback) Updated the following Gapps: Drive Docs Sheets Slides Gmail TTS Hangouts Keyboard Music GMS Core Play Store Wallet Full incorporation of Lyapota's Modpack v007, with the following new features: Center Clock 32, 34, 36 dpi Nav Bar Mod Sweep2Sleep Knock2Sleep Enable/disable battery perecentage Enable/disable back key to kill app Enable/disable persistent navbar menu Enable/disable search widget in recents screen Clear all recent items Updated HTC Gallery to new working version Fixed logic in installer for selecting custom status bar Moved carrier framework install earlier in installer, should fix statusbar issues Updated HTC Service Framework, Youtube, Gmail to latest versions Fixed Google Issues - Was missing libs Added HTC Weather APK - WIP (Does not get location ATM, added for testing) Updated Maps, Play Games, Videos, Youtube, Search, Chronus to latest versions Updated installer logic for moving files to /data. Saying "my phone dun not work" isn't going to help. GPS Isn't working(GPS ISSUES) Flash a stock sense ROM. (gps only) - You can verify this using GPS Toolbox. I've personally had to try like three or four times to get it to stick..then it's flawless. I have removed the hboot, tz, boot.img, recovery, and repartitioning done by the firmware, as well as modified it to be flashed to any carrier device. My approach is always to try first, and then if there are issues, do a wipe and rebuild my apps and stuff.

no more reboots Expandable volume panel Volume marker sound on/off Ability to remove lock screen short cuts Weather in notification pull down Date in clock mod Ambient display / notificaions only, pick up is disabled Change DPI (play store still thinks 480) Audio boost (testing) EXPERIMENTAL - Merge of APN's from CM12, hopefully allows for unified framework-res. Minor update to Elite Kernel Slight changes to permissions on /data/app in install, hopefully fixes errors. It's hard to keep track, but if it came out between the last release and now, it's in here. (Note, zoes not working...working on it) Updated to HTC Framework from stock lollipop. Fixed all mod installs now - REBOOT REQUIRED after first boot for DB changes to show up Updated Skydragon kernel to latest version Sense Camera - Using *actual* M8 APK, versus modded M7 Version. Now, read below and see if your question has already been answered. Update: People have also reported success by flashing sense - copying from /system/etc, flashing back to GPE, and then putting back into /system/etc. Most changes I'm making at this point should not require a wipe.

Our reversible little coverage bottom lets you have both!

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Added newest "dark" extrasettings app - adds Quicksettings options. I tried a dirty flash, and the device *almost booted* but it's stuck at "starting apps". This is *usually* a result of updating google play services and skipping revisions. However, the modules that have been updated to work with 5.1 are still a little scarce, so you will have to test some of them to see if they work.

Updated "01houskeeping" script to fix persistent settings that should be set on first boot only. Fixed the fact that all the CM12 apps I added couldn't actually install Hardcore overhaul to the installer. You could try manually deleting the folder /data/data/ TWRP file manager. For your convenience, I have included Gravitybox and Xhangouts with the installer.

In short, it's like an erector set for flashaholics who want some Sense in their Cyanogenmod..maybe the other way round. Built from 100% Stock/OTA base HTC Duo Camera support HTC Dot View Case support Motion Launch Gesture support Working IR Blaster Special Sensify Xposed module designed for HTC Theme Integration, as well as stand-alone ability to theme System UI and Settings elements (more WIP) F2FS support via Elite and Beyondstock kernels for /cache, /data, and /system partitions System/google apps ALWAYS up to date Integrated OTA support Latest busybox and Super SU binaries ADB Debugging enabled by default Init.d and Su.d script support on boot to optimize system performance Cast to Screen enabled HTC TV App replaced with Peel TV Remote (IR Blaster) Permissive SELinux Mega-Adblocking script - never see another banner ad again Increased photo and video capture quality Modpack lite - Custom-designed Advanced Power Menu, Fully working Ambient Display, App Ops Sense 7 Blinkfeed Sense 7 Browser Sense 7 File Manager Sense 7 Keyboard Sense 7 Calendar Sense 7 Music Player HTC Dotbreaker app HTC Dot Design App Security-disabled exchange Xposed 5.1, Xhangouts, Gravitybox Optional Google Messenger App Greenify Battery monitor Chronus Clock Widget GSAM Battery stats Pushbullet Viper4Android Audio Mod Project Era Sound Mod Select from two different kernels --Beyond Stock --Elite Made "stock" gapps Uninstallable: Books Chrome Docs Drive Hangouts Sheets Slides Earth Keep Maps News Stand Play Games Plus Streets Videos Youtube MORE! Removed Unused Blinkfeed apps (for now) Updated Viper4Android Merged - using separate carrier properties copied on install Updated to latest Aroma Added framework for backup of Aroma settings (not working currently) Updated Super SU Moved HP Print Plugin to data/app, should fix it Added PIE-independent FSTRIM on boot Update internal networking stuff to match Sense better Added Su.d support Moar Narwhal Updated Google Play Services, HTC Service Pack, HTC TV, Google Play Store, and Google Search Moar features from @loserskater Updated and fixed Viper4Android Integrated Xposed on installation Added HTC Browser Updated Google Updated Maps Updated Youtube Updated Chrome Updated HTC Video Player Updated HTC Weather, Clock apps for Blinkfeed (Still doesn't work, but it's a step in the right direction) Re-enabled adding HTC Weather as an account in Settings, which may be a needed step for making it work with blinkfeed Added several other social media widgets from Lolli Sense for blinkfeed - Only G and twitter work ATM. Added OTA Support Fixed "Hey, you said the Duo FX worked but they don't! Potential memory leak fix included from Lolli Sense Sense Cam/Gallery now 95% functional. Updated to Super SU 2.45 Stable Updated Youtube, GMS core to latest versions. Added quick pulldown as an option in installer (pull down from right corner to get to QS immediately) Fixed Google Play Music not installing on selection. Updated mainver to correct value in firmware (not required to reflash if coming from the 05 or 05bugfix release, just aesthetic) Updated SD logic, doesn't try copying to internal SD, as there's no point. As this is basically a vanilla ROM, the issues should be minimal, but if you do have a problem that can't be easily reproduced, then you need to post a logcat, or I may ignore you or say something snarky instead of providing assistance.

Aroma Installer: Carrier Selection - One ROM to rule them ALL! Material Themed - Changes color to match your carrier. They're just there for me to work with so I don't have to keep re-downloading them Updated Google Play Services Experimental - Use Bluetooth files from Lolli Sense Slight modification of adblock HOSTS file to fix certain issues Change OTA app to use tried and tested Rom DB app Fixed issues with Sprint/GSM people not having correct OTA app settings. Added option for Gcam to save to /SDCard Updated HTC Gallery to stock lollipop APK. Updated to modpack 008, adds "Disable safe volume" and "battery percentage beside battery indicator." options Updated Super SU to 2.41 Fixed gapp uninstallation issue Made gapps installable on a per-app basis Mod installer smartened up - specifically checks for chosen backkey functionality and doesn't give up till it gets it Updated a bunch of apps: HTC TV Dotview Maps Docs (again) Books Google Videos Google Camera Calendar Cloud Print dated Super SU to latest version, fixed installation issues. Obviously, a description of the issue and how to reproduce it help as well. This doesn't always work on the first try, but once you fix it, it should stay fixed. It is the wifi, chipset, touchscreen, sensorhub, and adsp (sound) firmware from the official 5.0/5.1GPE release for GSM devices. The list of current working HTC Stock Apps are: Dotview HTC TV Weather Camera (Zoe not working) Gallery Blinkfeed Keyboard Browser Music Player File Manager I've already got the ROM installed and want to do an update...should I wipe first? It depends on which version you're on, but for the most part, you should be fine dirty flashing.

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Specifically, this GPE supports boomsound, motion launch gestures, and the Duo FX camera. Select full wipe for initial flash, dirty if you're brave. fid=24052804347843915 MD5: 0031b058f03bf14fc2684f937adddaa8 5.0.1 Version (Final): https:// Updated CM12 Audio FX App Updated Gapps: Books Chrome Cloud Print Drive Docs Gmail Google App Google Ears Google Earth Hangouts Keep Maps Music Newsstand News & Weather Photos Play Games Play Services Plus One Sheets Slides Videos Webview Google You Tube Updated "Other" Apps: Chronus Gravity Box Peel Smart Remote Push Bullet Sensify Xposed Xhangouts Xposed (v74) Updated HTC Apps: My HTC Facebook Calendar Blinkfeed World Clock Browser Zoe Installed Xposed Modules now activated on first-boot, no need to reboot to enable them. Updated Xposed to Romracer V68 Updated Sense Home, Camera, Gallery, HTC Weather, HTC Calendar, HTC Keyboard Added HTC One Gallery, Zoe Editor app to camera packages. 2.1, includes the following new features: - Support for HTC IME - Rotation mod for Sense home - Fixes for HTC FB Addon - Improved logging - FIxes for theme picker, themes Rebased on GPE LMY47O. The gapps you pick get installed, instead of the one below it. Since this is now a multicarrier ROM, the number of variables involved in solving some issues has increased threefold.