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referencing common interests, asking her a question about something that sparked your attention) before the window of opportunity passes.

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On the contrary to an -tag, it allows to set several links into only one image.

When I did finally find acting, it fit like the perfect pair of gloves.

He’s going around the high school because they’re having auditions for the school play, and 35 girls showed up but no boys.

In a moment, we'll look at what you can do to date successfully.

But first, let's look at some seriously outdated dating approaches that just DON'T work for you anymore, men.

When you are a gentleman, having sex will happen naturally.3.

If at the end of a date, you don't wish to see her again, don’t say, "I'll call you and let's do this again." Empty words and empty promises create false hope and end up being more hurtful.

I've noticed that the Dollar Tree excels the pointless, useless and sometimes even "wtf? Today's entry, Magic Grow Safari Animals, qualifies for all three of these categories.

I usually go to the Dollar Tree once or twice a week with the girls.

Let things unfold as they're meant to instead of trying to rush having sex with her.

I really enjoyed talking with you, though I didn't feel a romantic connection.

I've seen all sorts of grow-it-yourself shit that range from Spider-man towelettes to freakin' anonymous figurines no one has ever heard of. We dropped the capsule in (erroneously) cold water and waited next to the glass of water in the same way you stand next to a microwave while it nukes your frozen dinner at work.