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Kelly Brook started to work as model at the young age of 16.She has worked on various advertising campaigns as model.

I have risked lots of things for a few dates with a bad boy, I really have. She seems a lot more in control and her career is number one and that is that. Kelly also got featured as cover star of World Cup 2010 special issue of FHM.In addition of being a successful model, Kelly has also been able to get recognize as an actress.Even better than that, the show, It’s Not Me, It’s You, is about all things dating-related – and Kelly, 36, has promised that she’ll be sharing all kinds of anecdotes about her string of well-known exes including Jason Statham, Billy Zane, Thom Evans and David Mc Intosh. I loved her on Judge Geordie and I wasn’t surprisedthat she won I’m A Celebrity.We can’t wait to see how she gets on with Geordie jungle queen Vicky and telly legend Eamonn, and we met up with Kelly for a chat about her exciting new project… I knew she would go on to win that because I think she is so real and likeable and she has got such a great personality. When I go out, it’s usually because I have to go out, so it will be an event or showbiz party and most of the guys there are like athletes, footballers, rugby players – people that want to be in the spotlight.To pursue career in acting, she got enrolled at ‘Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts’.

Throwing some lights toward her personal life, renowned model and actress Kelly Brook is currently dating Jeremy Parisi.However, Kelly suffered from miscarriage on 9th May, 2011. After spending five years together, they put an end to their relation in August, 2013.After two years of that, she announced on 1st February 2013 that she had parted her ways from Thom Evans. As of now, gorgeous model and actress Kelly Brook is spending happy moment with her current boyfriend Jeremy Parisi.36 years truly blessed actress, Kelly Brook has often made huge impact in the mind of audience with her hot and bold personality.All of a sudden I’ve got a bit more power, a bit more control, I’m team captain and it’s mainly Eamonn that we make fun of! So I think for that reason, we are probably good casting! I think both Vicky and I are sharing quite a lot in terms of how we view relationships, what we want in men, what we don’t want, what are deal breakers. Like, is it a deal breaker if you partner has too many female friends? I don’t want my partner to have too many female friends, very jealous and possessive as I am! It was just freezing-cold water, no electricity and they said that they weren’t going to pay for it even though I had spent all that money on the train ticket to go and see them! She is really mature, she knows what she wants and, more importantly, she knows what she doesn’t want.He tries to sometimes but we always get our own back, so… You’ve said it’s a fun opportunity to share your life experiences. Vicky completely agreed, but then the audience didn’t agree and that wasn’t a deal breaker. Should they be worried about what you might say on the show? None of the men did well, so they should all be quite worried! When I started dating someone one time, I went to stay at their house before a night out. I thought that was quite outrageous, but I went along with it. From what I can gather from the interviews and what she has talked about in relationships, I’m far more reckless than her. Her most appreciable movie and television roles came in ‘Piranha 3D’, ‘Fishtales’, ‘Keith Lemon: The Film’, ‘’Fist of Fun’, ‘Hotel Babylon’, ‘Skins’ and ‘Talking Stock’.

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