Kc speed dating

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Kc speed dating

Broadway shows make appearances every year, and we wouldn’t blame you if you tried to see every show.Summer nights are perfect for being outside, because they are never too hot.

There’s history packed in there, too, such as the Gateway Arch.

The arch was built to represent Western pioneers, especially those from Missouri. Both lived in Kansas City, spreading their talent all over the world.

Why not get out and go explore with a new, friendly face?

You may be familiar with the Country Club Plaza and all its fountains.

Or, you may have your favorite barbecue joint that you hit every time you're in KC.

Kansas City has a ton of great barbecue just waiting to be devoured, and this slow-cooked piece of heaven really needs your attention.

Kansas City may not be Los Angeles or Boston, but there is still a ton to see and enjoy on either side of the state line.

"Oh my god, I love this place," Dorothy exclaims as she enters the spot with her new jet-setting boo. "But Dorothy's not the only one feeling the good vibes, here. The duo hits the games for a friendly competition before KC reveals he sent Dorothy flowers.

"So you liked your flowers." "Am I the first boy to send you a hundred roses?

In fact, Kansas City’s hottest summer average was at about 85 degrees–not too bad if you want to be able to spend time outside without dying of heatstroke.

If you have friends who love chocolate, introduce them to Christopher Elbow’s shop.

But Kansas City has so much to offer, our group of local Kansas Citians have compiled a whole list of their favorite hidden gems that will ensure your next trip to Kansas City has something new.

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