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Rove's attacks directly echoed ads his super PAC had been airing in Nebraska against Kerrey, but Rove did not disclose Crossroads' heavy investment in the race to Fox viewers. Bush advisor turned Fox News analyst and columnist, helped cofound the American Crossroads in 2010.After being active in the 2010 midterms, Crossroads has devoted itself to defeating Obama and helping Republicans in various congressional races in 2012.

I know you're traumatized, Julia, but, you know, whenever a lesbian has misgivings, I know we've hit pay dirt. Just when you think they're gonna put another nail in Rove's coffin TWO MORE pop up somewhere else.

From the tumult of the lengthy recount, the absentee-ballot dispute, the charges of voter fraud, and, ultimately, the Supreme Court decision, George W.

Bush emerged victorious by a margin of 537 votes in Florida—enough to elevate him to the presidency, and his chief strategist, Karl Rove, to the status of legend. That had come earlier, and serves as a greater testament to his skill.

In 1994 a group called the Business Council of Alabama appealed to Rove to help run a slate of Republican candidates for the state supreme court.

This would not have seemed a plum assignment to most consultants.

It's one of those fine, and fun, examples of film making where every viewer will take something different away from it depending on what point of view they went in to see it.

I will say that it is great story telling that just doesn't go where you'd expect it to or where YOU personally might want it to go!To her credit, at the start of the segment, Van Susteren asked Rove to disclose a potential conflict of interest, saying that Crossroads "makes contributions to different issues around the country.Just so that we're absolutely clear, you're here as a Fox analyst.At the time, judicial races in Alabama were customarily low-key affairs."Campaigning" tended to entail little more than presenting one's qualifications at a meeting of the bar association, and because the state was so staunchly Democratic, sometimes not even that much was required.It's becoming increasingly clear that Fox News' employment of a "political analyst" who doubles as an adviser to a GOP super PAC is a major ethical problem.