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But Ahmadinejad's Holocaust denial is not just a compassionate inability to comprehend the truth of certain historical facts; he is not simply asking for a review of the footnotes in our kids' history books.At least for Ahmadinejad, it's not "Holocaust denial." It's Holocaust envy.

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Finally we got our forms filled out in duplicate -- well, actually I had to fill them out twice in singlicate because I hadn't quite realized how that prehistoric piece of black paper sandwiched between the two copies was supposed to work.

Does he feel that the attempt to systematically wipe out an entire people is so wrong that he wishes it had never occured?

It seems kind of doubtful, since he openly and proudly speaks of his own desire to accomplish the very thing he denies having happened, the very Holocaust he envies.

Blog includes political and cultural issues from Israel, the Mideast, the US, sometimes even the whole world, all tossed your way with just a dash of humor, and sometimes just outright silliness. A quick summary of how I'm doing: Overall, that's pretty good.

It's been almost two years since I've posted -- how's that for a blogging interval? Thanks to Jack for reminding me that I used to blog. Right now, I'm on a vacation in the US and had a few free minutes that have otherwise been in short supply, so I thought I'd make a test post to see if I still remember how.

Speaking at the annual General Assembly session, Livni said that the international community must stand up against Iran, which she claimed is pursuing the weapons to destroy Israel, a reference to its nuclear program.'There is no greater challenge to our values than that posed by the leaders of Iran,' Livni said. They speak proudly and openly of their desire to wipe Israel off the map.

And now, by their actions, they pursue the weapons to achieve this objective, to imperil the region and to threaten the world.'Why does Ahmadinejad deny there was a Holocaust?

In case anyone doubts it, let's look at what Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, had to say about this Holocaust envier recently at the U.

N (follow the links to see that her words clearly include Ahmadinejad specifically): Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni warned the UN General Assembly on Wednesday that Iranian leaders pose the biggest threat to international values as they 'speak proudly' of their wish to destroy Israel and pursue weapons to achieve that objective.

I couldn't quite figure out what this had to do with standing in front of cars and expecting them to stop because you are holding up your hand but I did my best to answer anyway.

I briefly thought about writing down a really low number, hoping maybe to save my miserable hide by forcing them to reject me, but I couldn't be sure how low was low enough.

So please, click on over and help get the new version of Abba Gav ( off the ground. Thanks a bunch, especially to those of you who already made the change -- you're really quick!

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