Interracial dating site myspace com

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Interracial dating site myspace com - new dating application on facebook

This new app, The Ideal Partner, can be downloaded for free from

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"Social conditioning and family expectations may lead to them to prefer to date other Chinese people first," she said.

The data was analysed by data analytics company Qlik using its app called Qlik Sense.

Qlik then worked with Lunch Actually to combine the app with the agency's data into a new app, which generates graphs and charts that show such dating trends.

Close to 80 per cent of the men surveyed did not want to date divorcees, and 93.8 per cent preferred not to date people who already have children.

Women were more open on this front, with 33.5 per cent willing to date divorcees and 12.9 per cent willing to date those with children.

But of the almost 1,000 Singaporean members of dating agency Lunch Actually, 92.5 per cent would rather not date people of other ethnicities.