How to master the inner game of gay dating

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How to master the inner game of gay dating

It’s thus all the more critical not to renege on your values to meet your man’s expectations.At this stage, you really want to rely on your gut instincts.

You don’t want your stud to think you’re aloof or that you’re ghosting him.Being true to yourself is one of the most important philosophies to uphold when trying to show someone you’re worthy of their love.Anyone who’s been caught up in the intensity of new relationship will know very well how all those pesky hormones cloud your judgment.By all means play it cool, but this doesn’t mean you have to be an ice queen/king.Successfully mastering how to make a guy to fall in love with you hinges on how confident you are.Being a good listener doesn’t mean hanging onto his every word.

Nor does it mean you have to dumb down or censor what you want to say.It’s a twofold process of both listening to your man and paying attention to yourself too.In some respects this step can be split into the two categories, in much the same way we spoke about inner and outer confidence. This may sound glaringly obvious, but it can be easily overlooked.It also shows him that you’re capable of being honest.Sticking to your guns in this respect will also show any worthwhile chap that you’re also consistent, a quality that’s central to any relationship worth its salt.There’s a very, very thin line between being tenacious and appearing desperate. Suggesting creative date ideas and being proactive win a man’s heart, sending a constant slew of emoji-laden texts gives off an air of neediness and will make him run a country mile.

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