How much communication when first dating

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How much communication when first dating - david deangelo advanced dating and seduction

I want it to be every day, and I don’t always want to be the one initiating.

When I’m just hooking up I try to keep conversation short and flirty.” At this point it’s really looking like a boys versus girls thing.

Our time together in person was always great, though. It was when we were apart that all the drama erupted.

It was always me being mad at him for taking too long to respond to my texts, or not responding at all. I’m talking about the classics, like, “I was busy” and “I didn’t see your text until now." After letting it slide once or twice, I full-on called him out on lying: "I know you saw my text, and I know you could have responded." via GIPHY Suddenly, I was being called clingy.

The clearest case of this happening to me happened around two months ago.

I started seeing someone and at first, we talked almost every single day.

I was being told to “chill out”, and made to feel like I was overreacting. I knew he was being manipulative with his words, but at the same time wanted to still try and be understanding of his point of view (I’m too nice, I know).

It made me seriously wonder if I was expecting too much communication too soon.

Like, planning our next date or asking for a quick opinion on something.

Otherwise, a daily correspondence isn’t necessary, but it’s definitely encouraged.” Another male friend was more blunt about it.

Before smartphones, we didn’t need to hear from our romantic interest every day, multiple times a day.

In many ways, it’s still too novel to get a clear sense of.

Something I probably should have done sooner but hey, better late than never. But when I reached out to a male friend, he was of mind that this just might be too much to ask.