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hook up spots for alternatives used to be outside spinadisc but now, since everyone wears slipknowt hoodies, you can pick them up anywhere. and bribed parental type people can drop you off there.

fridays we go to The Roadmender after meeting up and saturdays we just meet up to go round town n stuff.

into decent punk/experimental/ progressive & cool music & cinema. Chavs just love shopping centres- It's like moths around a lightbulb... Plus it's dry so they can hang around with their pushchairs.. Who ever wrote this is doing it purely to cus down kids. ''Greebos'' as they put it and other alternative people have been hanging up abby street since at least 1998. When we first went up there, there was no hassles we tidied up after ourselves and never caused problems.

Its only been recently that theres been problems for us say in the last 2 years.

its a cool place to hang cos we meet loads of people.

Just wanted to say in answer to the comments made about Big Noise.

Yes another thing in that majorly long jack ass piece of crap written on the main hook up spot page, is the ''townies'' in ''.

Why not the ''greebos'', ''goths'' & other ''types'' of people mention which by the way what the hell is a ''greaser'' if someone could kindly put this right and also somehow let me know the answers to these questions i would be grateful as it just seems to be a post which is majorly anti teenage and complete and utter guessing game typed bullshit.If you have any spare money perhaps you could throw it our way.Then we could decorate the place nicely and charge London rates to hire rooms with top of the range equipment. But hey, never mind our lease runs out in 4 years and then we will be gone, so that gives you enough time to get a new place up and running. Just wanted to say in answer to the comments made about Big Noise.The local residents complained and the local rag (which is so right-wing it makes Mein Kampf look like the work of a knee-jerk liberal) ran several stories about the noise and litter created by these human snotballs.The whole of Abington Street seems to have become a meeting point for greebos, or as they self-deludingly call themselves, 'new wave indie skatepunks'. Best to avoid Abington Street, especially at weekends...The "old skool" people sit in the graveyard if it's sunny or we go shoppin - we have better things to do than stand around in the rain.

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    In that time his activism had cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars.