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Hot chat es

With input from Design Works, a BMW Group Company, the stunning new Highlife Collection NXT spas represent the future of hot tub design.

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The "girl" that Symantec chatted with sent a shortened link to a webcam site.

If you're silly enough to accept that invitation, you're brought to a page that asks for your credit card information.

The fake "girls" on Tinder will explain to you that the site needs your credit card information to verify your age.

Cybersecurity company Symantec revealed in a blog post earlier this month that it had come across fake Tinder profiles, which spam people and direct them to an apparent porn site designed to take their money.

The fake profiles show up alongside the other photos of strangers you see once you've signed into Tinder through Facebook via the i Phone app.

Once they start chatting, many of them have similar scripts.

Tinder doesn't currently have any way to report spam in the app, and Symantec suggests that you just "block" any users who you suspect are fake.Satnam Narang, Manager of Symantec Security Response, who wrote the blog post, gave the Huffington Post some tips for identifying a fake profile on Tinder. Of all the fake profiles I encountered, none of them shared a single interest with me," Narang says."This is likely because they created fake accounts on Facebook and did not populate them with any interests." He also suggests that you read the short bio they provide. A few fake bios that Symantec encountered included lines like "will u do it right" and "just need a booty call." Also, remember that spam accounts never send the first message. On one popular dating site, OKCupid, users can be chosen to become moderators.The CHANG-ES observations will be able to answer questions about the prevalence, extent and physics of such outflows and allow us to map the cosmic rays and magnetic fields with unprecedented sensitivity and detail.Because of the sufficiently large and coherent sample, for the first time, we will be able to quantify how magnetic fields and cosmic rays in halos correlate with the properties of the galaxy and the galaxy environment.Specific science drivers include: The origin of halos and their physical conditions, the nature, prevalence, and origin of lagging halos, cosmic ray transport and outflowing wind velocity, the nature of magnetic fields in the context of galactic dynamo models, and the origin of the far infrared - radio continuum relation.