Granny cam dating

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Granny cam dating

An elderly woman wowing the crowd with her dance moves on the big screen at a Dodgers game ensured viral fame by flashing the camera.Some of the 42,225 spectators at Saturday's game between the Los Angeles team and the Kansas City Royals posted video clips on social media of the "Rally Granny" getting her boogie on when spotlighted by Dodger Stadium's dance cam.

Some of the cameras we reviewed can overwrite old footage with new footage if the SD card runs out of space.

The elderly woman elicits applause from the crowd with her dance moves, but the approval turns even more enthusiastic -- with some audible gasps and laughter -- when she ends her dance routine by flashing her bra.

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Finding the right nanny cam starts with figuring out what type is best for you.

All nanny cams have the same basic functionality, more or less – they record video from a hidden spot.

A quick search of news stories for child abuse by nannies brings up a harrowing number of documented cases.

It can be hard to trust a stranger to care for your children while you're away at work or running errands, but one way to help protect them is to use a nanny cam.

Video Quality We tested to see how well each nanny cam recorded video, measuring clarity, contrast and color.

We took recordings of a chart, one similar to something you'd see at an optometrist, at various distances and under two light conditions – day and night.

However aside from this core function, cameras differ in their disguise and effectiveness.

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