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While for obvious reasons the informant is never named in the FBI papers, he was credible enough to be believed by some agents.

If you’ve met someone online, or face to face, and they are putting you under pressure to have sex or making you feel uncomfortable you should report to CEOP. This means that whatever you say stays between you and Child Line.

However, not everyone you chat to online will be who they say they are.

Even if you’ve been chatting to the same person for ages and you feel like you know them, you need to remember it’s very easy to lie on the internet.

There is no way of knowing if someone is telling the truth.

It’s a fact that there are some people who use the internet to chat to young people because they want to hurt them or make them do things they don’t want to.

It can be fun chatting to people who are interested in the same stuff as us.

Some people online will genuinely just want to chat or be friends.Whatever may have happened you won’t be in trouble.Have you met someone online and you’re not sure they are who they say they are? Is someone trying to take things further by showing you porn or asking you to do sexual stuff on webcam?Please use common sense and do not give anyone any sensitive private information about yourself.To Enter the Chat for Men - Click Button: Relationship-Buddy Chat, of Course, this is the place for Relationship and Dating Talk.In 1945, the Naval Attach in Buenos Aires informed Washington there was a high probability that Hitler and Eva Braun had just arrived in Argentina.

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