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There’s more than one photon, more than one electron, more than one star, more than one object influenced by gravity, and so on. Wallace says that explaining the appearance of design “is a problem for philosophical naturalists only because they are precluded from considering the possibility of a designer.” If someone is closed minded to the evidence, I agree that that’s a problem.However, I’m happy to follow the evidence where it leads. This scientifically inexplicable event can be described as nothing short of miraculous; the Christian worldview explains how the long odds against the emergence of life were overcome.” Though science has lots of ideas, it doesn’t have a good theory.

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The quick answer to this question is the multiverse—an almost infinite number of other universes defined by different constants.

Most of them might be sterile, but there are enough to make one or more life giving.

Following the evidence without bias is the best we can hope to do. In his essay “The Christian Worldview is the Best Explanation”* he gives ten tough questions to which he claims Christianity has the better answer. (And I say “I don’t know” simply because I’m parroting the consensus view of physics.

A number of apologists defend Christianity with the thinking of a courtroom lawyer or detective. If that changes, so will my opinion.)But there’s nothing embarrassing about pointing out where we don’t know things.

The Christian might imagine frustrated atheists lamenting how the appearance of deliberate fine tuning makes a deity unavoidable and then hitting on the crazy idea of bazillions of universes so that by sheer luck at least of them will be tuned to allow life. A multiverse is predicted by well-established physics—both string theory and inflation.

Note also that events and objects aren’t unique in physics.Wallace says, “The Christian worldview is founded on the existence and creative activity of a Master Designer, and for this reason, it does not have to struggle with the appearance of design.” Show us that this is grounded with evidence and it’ll be more than just an ancient myth. November 9, 2017 - Flirt with beautiful and sexy ladies with our free webcam chat! Visit your favorite girl or chat with sexy models by browsing our categories. Webcam modeling with Flirt4Free is an exciting way to make good money from the comfort and safety of your home.Similarly special focus has been put on the growing LGBT Asian community within New Zealand.The site has had four major revisions: (login required) to members of the site, reiterating his support for LGBT New Zealand.and is used by the LGBT New Zealand population to connect with each other and learn about community issues.