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The app will send you an SMS to your number so you can confirm number.

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There are still some bugs and limitations, but Fring has broke ground as the first application based (aka softphone) video conferencing service for your mobile. That sort of capability is going to become more important in the days ahead.

To chat with your friends, simply tap on the contact you want to text and tap on the ‘Chat’ icon on the bottom left-hand of their profile.

Enter a message and tap ‘Send.’ By tapping on the ‘Paperclip icon’, you can take a photo or video, upload existing photo or video and see your oo Voo Media.

Keep in mind that once you create a user name, you won’t be able to change it.

After you fill in the necessary information, you will need to confirm your country code and enter your mobile phone number.

Fring is an aggregate social networking application that allows you to channel all of your Facebook, Twitter, Skype, ICQ, etc contacts into one program on your phone.

As mentioned in their recent press release, Fring has expanded into video Vo IP and now users can enjoy one-way (i Phone) or two-way (Symbian) video calls with mobile and land line contacts (through data streams, not standard phone connectivity). Well i Phone users will notice that their cameras only point in one direction, making two-way video calls impossible. There’s too much to gain by enabling video calls for Apple to ignore the hardware upgrade.

Once the app is downloaded, you’ll need to create an account.

You can do this by signing up with your Facebook account or with your email address.

One of the best features about oo Voo is that you can great a group video chat with up to 12 people.

if you’re already in a conversation, simply tap the ‘ ’ and search for friends you’d like to add to the group video chat.

All right tech fans, put on your happy faces and get ready to smile because video calls just arrived on your smartphone…and they’re free.

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