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Sometimes the man would stay for days, drinking and laughing with Myra by day and fucking her by night.Ever since Linda's dad had run off with a cocktail waitress, her mom had become a gorgeous, shapely cock-hound.

When her mom finger-fucked herself for comfort, so did Linda.The real fun of whacking Rex's thick, red prick was only increased for Linda when she started fucking her middle finger in and out of her horny your pussy.The sexually disturbed girl found the combination exhilarating.You'll find complete galleries of all the samples above in our members section, together with much much more.PB-288 DAUGHTER AND THE DOGS by Ted Leonard CHAPTER ONE Pretty little Linda Preston hotly jerked her dog's erect prick on her bed as she listened to her mother getting fucked in the next room."Maybe I should have brought something for us to drink," she heard the man say. "And getting bigger by the second." "Like that, huh? Then she pushed his shorts down and exposed his great big cock. The prick had the same effect on Linda that it had on her mom. "I want to see you," the man said with a lewd grin. The man stood, his prick throbbing in mid-air and stared hotly as Myra stripped for him.

"No, I've had enough," her mom replied in a sexy voice. Linda starred too, picking up some more pointers on female behavior as her pretty mom removed her tight, short dress. "Flattery will get you all the cunt you can eat and fuck." Linda's eyes burned hotly as she watched her mom stretch out across the bed and spread her lovely legs as if the guy were an old friend.

At first, she had be horrified and had tried to stop him from doing that. Linda opened her legs as she heard a familiar cry from the next bedroom.

But being a sensitive girl, made extremely horny by her mom's insatiable sex-hunger, she spread her pretty legs and found out just how wonderful it felt to have a big, wet doggie-tongue lap her cunt. She spread her thighs and urged Rex to lick her pussy as she listened to the music her mom made.

She liked the freedom suddenly thrust upon her because she could spend more time in bed with her best friend, Rex, a shaggy mongrel who had been good for nothing until Linda discovered his cock.

Recently, Rex started licking Linda's hot little cunt, and she went wild with this new development in her sex life.

She could jerk Rex's big cock with one hand and still finger-fuck herself with the other.

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