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Another thing I like about this card is that you get a lot of Visa benefits, such as auto collision damage waiver and roadside assistance.

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Wells Fargo offers Rapid Alerts so you can track spending and get notifications of suspected fraudulent activity.

Learn more by reading this month's newsletter about responding to critical incidents.

Read More It's important to understand the effects of critical incidents in the workplace and how leaders play an important role in the organization's recovery.

You get protection for up to 0 on a cell phone against covered damage or theft.

There’s a deductible, but really, that’s a nice benefit. Since I originally reviewed this card several years ago, there’s a wealth of information in the comments section below.

Now, having said that, I’ve received both good and bad comments from consumers about the graduation process.

Some say that graduation occurred at 12 months and they didn’t even have to make a request for it. Some were graduated to an unsecured card, but some were turned down.

With the Wells Fargo Secured Card, you get a variable 19.24 percent APR on purchases, which is a teeny bit higher than it used to be.

It still isn’t too shabby for this category, but try not to carry a balance.

Now, the card is reported as “secured,” but don’t let that freak you out.

To understand how this affects your credit, read this post: Does the FICO Score Treat Secured Credit Cards Differently? Let’s take a look at the numbers you need to know about.

Use the card to show you can handle credit responsibly and avoid paying interest expense if at all possible.

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