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Power BI can be your personal report and visualization tool, and can also serve as the analytics and decision engine behind group projects, divisions, or entire corporations.This article will walk you through your options on how to sign up and begin using the Power BI service.

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If you sign up for a free account, once you are in the service, you can opt into a free 60 day trial of Power BI Pro.

Under no circumstances are children under the age of 13 allowed in the chat rooms. You also agree, that if you do for any reason attempt to take legal action against or its affiliates, to pay any lawyer fees and other costs to us regardless of outcome.

Use of the chat room signifies that you are in total agreement to the terms contained here within.

Power BI does not support email addresses provided by consumer email services or telecommunication providers.

This includes,, and others. If you try to sign up with a personal email address, you will get a message indicating to use a work or school email address.

A personal email address won't work with the Power BI service.

Power BI requires that you use a work, or school, email address to sign up.

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You can determine which one you need by reviewing what comes with each license type.

Free users have most of the functionality of the services with the exception of sharing and collaboration features.

For information on the differences between Power BI Free and Pro, see Power BI Free vs Pro.