For sedating dogs

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For sedating dogs - Hermaphrodites sex dating

Because of all the associated problems with sedative drug use, they are no longer recommended for use in treatment of phobias or anxiety (Neilson JC, 2002; Casey R, 2002).

Using Ace on a dog with extreme anxiety can make the phobia worse.In Boxers it’s been shown to cause a problem called first degree heart block, a potentially serious arrhythmia of the heart.As well as causing sedation, the drug has an impact on the controls for blood pressure, breathing, and body temperature, with potentially serious consequences for dogs with underlying health problems.Remember to ask about the potential side effects, how long the medication lasts, how long it takes to work, and whether or not the drug will decrease the anxiety itself.You have many options available; if your veterinarian suggests Ace don’t be afraid to voice your concerns and ask about alternatives.Today Benzodiazepines ( Benzos ) are the most commonly prescribed medications for sudden fear or panic.

There are many that you probably already recognize – Xanax, Valium, Ativan, and Klonopin.

Your dog will remain anxious and fearful yet not have the ability to do anything about it.

The use of Ace has been found to make a dogs anxiety much worse in the long term by adding even more stressful associations to the original phobia.

One of the worst offenders is the drug acepromazine, known as Ace. Marty Becker, Don’t Ace the Fear: Why Acepromazine May Make Your Dog’s Fireworks Fears Worse There’s been evidence that suggests Ace not only causes the fear to worsen but it can also cause a wide range of serious side effects.

For Brachycephalic ( short nosed ) breeds the potential risk is especially high.

The tranquilizer Acepromazine ( Ace ) is prescribed to many dogs on the 4th of July as a sedative despite it’s increasingly bad reputation.

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