Failed updating etrust vet engine

16-Mar-2017 02:52 by 5 Comments

Failed updating etrust vet engine - Sex web cams no credit cards

Look around at other AVs and switched to Bit Defender Standard 9 for its detection test results and prices—purchase/renewals.... as I said before, I can understand update problems - what I CANNOT understand, and what I find exceedingly unacceptable, is the need for the A/V to SHUT DOWN and disable protection because of a failure to update for one day ...

I would try that, if I could access the ftp sites with the current defs (as I mentioned above, they won't work here either) ...However, when viewing the e Trust help section, it shows I don't expire until 02/02/2007. Even more strange, my key was generated in August of 2005 and I didn't install the software until late December.So I don't even know how e Trust is showing 02/02 as a date for expiration.»e Trust through Mediacom... updates still not working, and manually installing what appears to be the latest sigs did nothing at all ......CA e Trust ITM has gone completely nuts today, with a load of seemingly random false positives mostly for Std Win32 in a large number of binaries, including some components of e Trust itself.The core problem seems to be a signature update from 31.6.6672 to 33.3.7051, there seems to be little consistency in what is being detected as a false positive although there are multiple occurrences of Nokia software, VNC and event DLLs and EXEs belonging to e Trust's core components.Several other people seem to be having the same issue!

Last night, CA released a new updated antimalware engine.

You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.

sometime today e Trust v7.0.7.7 failed to auto-update - it seems to be a problem on their end, as I can't access some of their ftp sites either, and at least one other person has also had an update problem ... and it won't run an on-demand scan either, so I effectively have no A/V ... it just so happens I'm up for renewal in less than 2 months, and it's not looking good for CA ...

Inoculate IT Engine v last update 02/02/06 AMVet Engine v12.4.2063 last update 02/02/06 AMJust tried a manual download of signatures; no error messages just the usual dialog box display when no newer signatures available for download.

Tried the EICAR test and Real-Time monitor caught it. But the combination of poor support and increasing their renewal price, seems like I was paying more for less.

just snag the update later and no harm done - except that e Trust then decided to shut off real-time and email protection because of the unsuccessful update ...

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