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was announced on October 20, 2010 at the "Back to the Mac" Media event on the Apple Campus.

On the i Phone, a user can activate Face Time during a phone call by pressing the Face Time button, or initiated Face Time from their call history or the Contacts application.

Apple claims that it intended to provide the application free of charge, however, a provision of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act (2002) bars companies from providing an unadvertised new feature of an already-sold product without enduring "onerous accounting measures".

On March 2, 2011, Face Time support was announced for the newly introduced i Pad 2, which gained forward- and rear-facing cameras.

A single email address can be registered to multiple devices and a call placed to that address rings all devices simultaneously.

On i Pad, i Pod Touch, and Mac, only persons who have already been added as contacts using the Face Time or Contacts app can be called because there is no dialer.

The Face Time protocol is based on numerous open industry standards Upon the launch of the i Phone 4, Jobs stated that Apple would immediately start working with standards bodies to make the Face Time protocol an "open industry standard".

While the protocols are open standards, Apple's Face Time service requires a client-side certificate.

From i OS 6 onwards, Face Time for the i Phone and i Pad has supported Face Time calls over cellular networks (3G or LTE) provided the carrier enabled it, which by mid-2013 virtually all carriers worldwide have allowed.

Face Time Audio uses about three megabytes of data for every five minutes of conversation, with Face Time Video using significantly more.

On May 2011, it was found that Face Time would work seamlessly over 3G on all i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch models that supported it.

Even though Face Time worked only over 3G at that time, it now supports 4G LTE calls on networks all over the world, availability being limited to operators' GSM plans.

Mac models introduced in 2011 introduced high-definition video Face Time, which devices use automatically when both ends have a Face Time HD camera.

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