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But Matt’s a lot younger so it’s different for him.

"I had this imaginery friend called Gubby, who used to live on top of the wardrobe," she says, "and all I wanted to be when I grew up was a pixie."The combination of her bohemian family life and her pretty looks, which prompted her mother to enroll her at a friend's modelling agency, made life quite difficult for the young Emma at her comprehensive school."It was the mean streets of Holland Park," she chuckles.Her grandfather, Mark Eden, starred in Coronation Street in the Eighties, and her step-grandfather - whom she loved dearly - was the Dad's Army actor John Le Mesurier."If I have a fraction of the talent he had, I'd be happy," she sighs.For example, I was really ill a few months ago - all of us on set had what we called the 'crew flu' - and I thought I'd have a Lemsip.Big mistake."They say that listening to Mozart helps a lot," she adds, glancing at David who is now sitting cross-legged on the floor and looking up at her. " The future certainly looks bright for Griffiths Malin.In the past the brunette, who won't reveal the sex of the baby, has never made any secret about her desire to have children.

When asked about baby plans at their wedding last July, Emma said: ‘I’m not getting any younger – I’m ready to knock them out.

In the second series, to be shown later in the spring, we are in for a treat when Fleur finally makes her appearance, as she is arguably the character older viewers remember best of all.

In a way, one has to pity Emma Griffiths Malin, the 22-year-old actress who landed the plum role, beating 70 other hopefuls last year.

One of the more enjoyable things about watching The Forsyte Saga on television last year - for those of us who are old enough - was comparing it to the original series, which was aired on the BBC almost 40 years ago.

Was Gina Mc Kee as good as Nyree Dawn Porter (the original Irene), for example; how did Damian Lewis fare against Eric Porter (the original Soames), or Rupert Graves's Jolyon against the much older Kenneth More's, and so forth.

Perhaps best remembered as Louise in the television adaptation of Elizabeth Jane Howard's The Cazalets, Griffiths Malin has also appeared in the West End as Little Nell in the Rocky Horror Show, and has appeared in a number of films, including the crime drama Gangster Number One, the low-budget horror film The Hole, and Stephen Frears' 1996 Jekyll and Hyde epic Mary Reilly, when she was just 15."The part was tiny," she admits. She was lovely, very sweet and sort of smaller-than-life. It was all rather strange, considering what a huge Hollywood star she is."It is a gloomy afternoon in Manchester and we are sitting in Griffiths Malin's trailer on The Forsyte Saga set.