Effects of teenage dating violence

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Effects of teenage dating violence

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year about one in 11 teens report being a victim of physical abuse – and one in five teens report being a victim of emotional abuse.

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Some teens, as well as some adults, hold beliefs about relationships that say “it’s okay” or “normal” for emotional and physical abuse to happen within intimate relationships.Teens may not call it “dating” but studies show that by the time they are in middle school, many young people are involved in intimate, romantic dating relationships.A study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that 75 percent of seventh graders report having a boyfriend or girlfriend.One way to prevent teen dating abuse is to talk to young people about healthy relationships and what “love” means to them.Help them understand the warning signs and consequences of abusive dating relationships, including the following: Signs that a young person may be a victim of dating violence: If you’re concerned about yourself or someone you care about, call the National Dating Abuse Helpline at 1-866-331-9474 or text 77054.Our scenarios are designed to teach student to ask for consent and recognize its importance.” Talib notes that teen dating violence can start in small ways and then escalate, while violence in its many forms can occur at any time, it does seem to become more pronounced during the holiday seasons, including prom time, and once the weather gets warmer in Chicago.

“We have to realize that sexual violence, which includes dating violence, is a premeditated crime and can be planned up to two weeks in advance,” says Talib.It was designed to move the discussion from the question of why young women do not report harassment and abuse to the topic of how violence is produced, maintained and normalized among youths.Hlavka says she felt that the results of the study, which will be published in the June issue of , were disturbing yet also not altogether surprising.During an interview for a study on sexual assaults, she describes these unwelcomed touchings and grabbings as normal, commonplace behaviors.Normalizing this type of behavior at such a young age has become worrisome to many in the field of teen dating violence and domestic violence because it also has long-term health consequences.That this is seen as heterosexual relating should shock us into action.” Educating teens on what constitutes teen dating violence is half the battle, says Nabilah Talib, director of Wellness Services, which manages the Sexual Violence and Support Services (SVSS) program for YWCA Metropolitan Chicago.

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