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Instant Messaging can also be enabled or disabled on a per-User Privilege basis.We've already found that using HTML5 chat software such as Addon Chat over a Java or Flash based solution can increase your chat room's popularity by as much as 50%, giving your users the ability to sign-in using their Facebook account can increase this an additional 25-30%!

In this post, I’ll use Web sockets to create a tiny chat server using Tyrus, the reference implementation of the Java API for Web Socket (JSR 356).

Please describe exactly it happened, since this is absolutely necessary to find out what went wrong (just saying "it doesn't work" or "it won't load" can mean a lot of things).

You should also copy the file in your settings directory (type /open Dir to open it, or /dir if that doesn't work) before it is overwritten, in case it could be helpful to find the bug. However, you can manually connect to Group Chat by changing the server/port to connect to (you can change it in the Settings under Advanced, use the 'server' and 'port' settings, the /server command or commandline parameters) and looking up the channel name yourself (you can use this blogpost for help on that).

Users can send IMs to offline users and scroll back to view past messages.

As with chat rooms, Instant Messages provide full support for spell check, Emoji, custom emoticons, and advanced Content Replacement.

But that means, that the dirty flag is not automatically set if the Text Editor's content is changed.

I thought about adding an IPart Propery Change Listener and changing the flag by myself. Take it to the next level with SSAX Single Site Authentication.SSAX works by calling a simple script that resides on your own server and calls your own database when a user signs-in to Addon Chat.and follow the instructions to authorize Chatty to connect to chat for you. There is some help available (you can find the same in the program itself). You can use this banner if you like Chatty and want to promote it. :) This is my first slightly bigger program, so go easy on me.;) But if you find any bugs or have any other feedback, feel free to tell me. I made this for my friends because we loved the cotton from Pam's harvestcraft and natura but we couldn't handle the load on our server from so many new items.

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