Datinggagudki ru

02-Jul-2017 14:06 by 2 Comments

Datinggagudki ru - dating relationship for teen

i watch till 3 episode both of the lead male and female are so natural XD Kong Ki Tae is type of guy who i will smack on his face after i talk to him for 5 minutes lol oh and Jinwoon acting is better than seulong.

Despite of there're so much comedy in every episode, the storyline is also fascinating.

Han Groo is gorgeous in that wedding dress it fits her fabulously!

This drama is worth watching, all the actors made an excellent performance!

The first episode was the most painful pilot to watch: the men were simply terrible (not even the cool type of arrogant you get to see in so many dramas, where you get to see the guy's actual potential behind the surface.

It is fun, It is heart warming, it is bright, sometimes it is crazy.

hahaha This is one of the best drama, I've watched it several time but I'll always hv fun,i just love watching this drama I enjoy it so much in every episode n never getting bored...

Hope Han Groo can be a lead actress in a wonderful drama like this again.

Joo Jang-Mi Kong Ki-Tae is amazing cast i really love the way the portrait their character whether is serious comedy of any situation they can adjust easily hope you made another drama together i'm looking forward ,, the story can or any person can easily relate coz base on reality ,,, I really love this kdrama and it’s so sad that it’s going to end..

she looks like older version of child actress kim so hyun.

very funny indeed...i'm not much of a fun of the leadman though i've already seen him in Arang...i'm totally a fun now...

Why are so many Asians preoccupied with their looks and skin color?

The 3 main casts' actions were pretty exaggerating but I really love them.