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ICYMI: If these links didn’t sate you enough, I’ve posted the best of Aussie and Kiwi online feminism in December for the 80th Down Under Feminists Carnival.How to be alone as a woman: “To be alone is to be eccentric.

Johnson, Mick Foley, New York Times, Playboy, Rachel Dolezal, Roman Reigns, Rosie the Riveter, Scream Queens, Serena Williams, Stonewall, Suffragette, Sylvia Rivera, Taraji P.” [Jezebel] Shonda Rhimes took on the “angry black woman” stereotype on , nailed it. They took him under their wing and supported him through his addictions and losses.[LA Times] Celebrate Halloween by reliving periods and teen sexuality on film.Or, if you’re in need of some new workout gear, stop by your local sporting goods store and show Serena’s line some check out my “Hotline Bling” Drake contribution as part of their roundup. Elsewhere: [Junkee] People Are Really Getting a Jump On Their Terrible, No Good Halloween Costumes This Year.Related: Happy Slut-O-Ween: The Hyper-Sexualisation & -Feminisation of Costumes for Women. [Grantland] Reality Takes Over , For Better & For Worse.[Huff Po] The problem with speculating about homophobic people’s sexuality.

[Kill Your Darlings] “What happened to Whoopi Goldberg?

A healthy helping of plastic bananas threaded together could work, or banana lollies from your local Woolies add elements of sexiness and Halloween candy metatext. A friend had this in mind for the time we were in New York for Halloween, but it never came to fruition. I had a copy of the “Feminist” sign blown up and printed at Officeworks, mounted it to thick cardboard and strapped to me like a backpack with elastic strips, with portable LED lights along the bottom. with guys like Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns: just add a white fedora and a Hawaiian shirt, and a flak jacket, respectively.

You can be the one to make it happen, by either forking out for the cheap, mass produced version or shifting through Etsy and vintage e Bay sellers for cute vests, badges and maybe even a box of cookies or two. A Cactus Jack t-shirt, a red flannel, leopard print boots and, of course, Mr.

For the more dedicated costumers, Swift’s “Bad Blood” video look can be completed with some dominatrix gear, weaponry and perhaps a red wig to complete the look.

Otherwise, just grab your besties, chuck on your usual party gear and when people ask what you’re dressed as just tell ‘em “#Squad Goals”.2015 has been the year for women in sport.

Henson, Taylor Swift, Tyler Breeze It’s almost that time of year again when unoriginality prevails and hemlines rise in an effort not just to fill pillowcases or cheap plastic pumpkin pails with the most candy but to elicit the most controversy: Halloween.