Dating with ariane walkthrough

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Dating with ariane walkthrough - Chat online xxx gratis

Ending 3 : The Lake - Be shown around castle - Find sparring room. - Have her change into something suitable for going out.

Go to hot tub and then: Ariane is a virtual girlfriend you can date.

i`ve been on this website for a while unregistered, pardon me if i ask a buch of questions today.

i keep getting "page not found" errors, any suggestions?

You can go in any room of the castle with her naked, she even sit naked on the throne ! At the town inn, meet Latricia and suggest Evana to invite her to the castle.

She may appear naked in front of you (need flattered=3).

- To hit the eact bullseye, you have to aim slightly up from the centre.

- Take them out to the battlements to give Latricia a confidence boost. - To hit the eact bullseye, you have to aim slightly up from the centre. - Go to her bedroom and suggest she slides her clothes off. Ending 2 : Threesome - Be shown around castle - Find sparring room. At the lake, play in the water (need flattered=2) and hold your breath under the water (hold one time then come up). At the lake, have a seat and kiss her (need impressed=2), then encourage her to slide something off (need flattered=3) and compliment her either about her beauty or her underguts. In Maldore inn, in exchange for a necklace found behind bushes, ask the maid to french-kiss Latricia. When you`re alone with her in her room, suggest to change her outfit and let her pick. The story is intriguing and as always, gameplay is simple enough to keep you interested. In the castle cellar, get her to drink by arguing that she`s untouchable as being the count`s daughter. In the castle battlements, take a walk along the ramparts and compliment her on her beauty. In the town inn, sit by the fire and kiss her neck. In the inn on the road, chat about her fortune and encourage her to buy this inn (you can eather flatter or dare her). In the castle sparring room, have a duel with the instuctor and never yield. In town, try some archery and send the arrow to the bull`s-eye (target the top point of the white circle). In town, have a short walk and yell to scare the dog that frightens her. In the town inn, escape from her guard Nelena (distract her attention to the floor right when she tries to block the exit). In the inn on the road, challenge the bartender to a drinking contest (drink exactly 5 times and then yield) 6. Ending 1 : Bedroom - Be shown around castle - Find sparring room. Latricia must have been dare naked on the ramparts before, otherwise she will refuse. Follow her inside (need flatered=3), then let her slide some clothes off (need impressed=3).

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