Dating vintage jewelry

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Dating vintage jewelry - paralegal dating defendant

However, some jewelry started receiving very basic stamps.

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The style of Chanel Novelty Company was distinctly different from Chanel's, and these accessories have their own unique beauty and craftsmanship.Certain markings were only used in specific time periods.However, if there are no markings on a piece, then we must turn to other methods of dating.They also represent an important event in Chanel's history. In 1954, Coco Chanel resumed business in her Parisian boutique at 31 Rue Cambon.Many pieces in this time period remained un-stamped, as Chanel jewelry was still being designed as part of an entire couture outfit.Many Chanel costume jewelry pieces will have markings.

Understanding these markings is an important aspect for authentication and will also reveal when the item was made and its history. Currently, it is the most complete and accurate guide online.Pieces from 1921-1939 were made to complement Chanel's clothing.As a result, these extremely rare pieces were left unmarked.In 1939, due to WWII, The House of Chanel stopped operations.Funnily enough, another brand by the name of Chanel Novelty Company, produced brooches in 1941 that was stamped with a cursive Chanel."Made in Italy" also first appears around the early 2000s and becomes more common in more recent collections. Stamping is just one aspect of proper authentication.

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