Dating tin types

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Dating tin types - dating for people living with hiv

This book is most useful when the beer can has legible lithography, but Martells also includes information for dating beer cans by the morphology of their side seam and pull tab. This article also contains numerous photos of beer cans and a beer can stylistic timeline. 2015 A Chronological Guide to Embossed Lipton Tea Tins. Sometimes you will need to sift through a lot of detail to get the date range you are seeking. Forest Service, Klamath National Forest, Yreka, California. I’ve found it to be less useful for dating cans from sites than Rock’s more detailed works, but it includes some terrific drawing of cans.Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Fairbanks District Office. This two-page guide is pretty much what you would expect based on the title. Rock, Jim 1989a Tin Canisters: Their Identification. Rock, Jim 1989b Tin Canisters: Their Identification. Can Chronology has been published as a facsimile by Coyote Press. Lynn 1997 Making Camp Chinese Style: The Archaeology of a V&T Railroad Graders’ Camp, Carson City, Nevada. It is one recommended to me by Rob Mc Queen for background on Chinese cans.

As an early article on tin cans there are some details that are inaccurate.Priscilla Wegars (volunteer curator), Asian American Comparative Collection, Laboratory of Anthropology, University of Idaho.Electronic document, in the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology and made available by Southern Oregon University Hannon Library. Webpage Address: This web page is not an archaeology-based source of information.Note: you can refer to locked and double side seams as crimped because it is difficult to tell the difference between the two.Seams were soldered to reinforce early hole-in-cap cans and other cans.However, the article is useful for furthering our understanding of the history of tin cans as an artifact. This guide is very detailed and includes research from the author on all manner of historical artifacts including tin cans. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Fairbanks District Office. BLM – Alaska Open File Report 109 This is a very detailed and helpful guide for dating and identifying Hills Bros. It is one recommended to me by Rob Mc Queen for background on Chinese cans.

IMACS 1992 User’s Guide: Instructions and Computer Codes for Use with the IMACS Site Form. The IMACS guide contains can anatomy drawings, tin can chronologies from a variety of sources, and drawings of tin can openings. Besides date ranges for a wide array of can types Kimball also includes a time line for Log Cabin Syrup cans, a compilation of data on tobacco tins, an updated milk can guide based on Simonis, and a peppering of data on patents related to tin cans. Coffee cans, but you will need at least some lithography to be able to use it. Markley, Richard 1992 An Archaeological Evaluation of Two Chinese Mining Camps on the North Yuba River, Sierra County, California. Martells, Jack 1976 The Beer Can Collector’s Bible. This out-of-print book contains details about the history of beer cans and how they were made. Historical Archaeology 27(1):95-113 This article offers information on how to date beer cans based on their morphology.Function: beer, soda How to record: Measurements aren’t known to help to date or type these cans.Recording data on the way the can was made and lithography is more important for dating and typing. Date Range: 1903-1960s Resources for dating: Busch, Jane 1981 An Introduction to the Tin Can.Side seams on tin cans function to hold the can together much like the seam on an article of clothing.The earliest cans had plumb side seams which were lead soldered. Lapped side seams have been around since the 1840s. Locked and double side seams followed in 1859, but lapped seams remained common until the introduction of the Sanitary can in 1904 (Rock 1989b:37-42 and 65).Mills has assigned date ranges to four separate embossed Lipton Tea tin types based on her research of historical advertisements and tins which retain their lithography. Archaeological Research Services, Virginia City, NV. Sagstetter, Beth and Bill 1998 The Mining Camps Speak: A New Way to Explore the Ghost Towns of the American West. This is a fun book that covers all aspects of the archaeology of mining towns. The authors have also included a section on tin cans (pgs 226-240).

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