Dating someone with religious differences

05-May-2017 00:22 by 2 Comments

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I personally am not religious but I do believe in God and believe I have a personal relationship with God and don’t necessarily believe following an organized religion is for me.However, my boyfriend is currently finding his faith which I have been nothing but supportive about – but he feels it is imperative to be on the exact same page spiritually and have the same religious beliefs.

My dad doesn’t believe in God and my mom does but more abstractly than holy books explain.

Yes, a bat mitzvah (or "bar mitzvah" if you’re a guy) is the Jewish equivalent of a .

I had a party with family and friends, wore an obnoxiously pink dress, and danced gracelessly to Fall Out Boy for the entirety of the night.

So when it came to dating, religious affiliation had never even crossed my mind as a factor to consider.

I had either only been with people who identified similarly, or who identified as nothing at all.

When I met my now-boyfriend, our connection was anything but superficial.

For the first time, someone was more interested in my love for poetry than what kind of alcohol I like to binge drink on weekends.

In terms of faith, I really don’t know what to believe and, quite honestly, I’m content with not tying myself down to anything in particular.

For me, faith has always been synonymous with love.

Even though I occasionally attended Sunday school (my parents’ half-assed attempt at submerging me in Judaism), I never directly tied my Jewish identity to the religion itself.

Instead, my claiming of Jewishness came from a desire to preserve what my ancestors had fought so hard to maintain, through suffering years of persecution and by surviving the Holocaust.

And as our relationship progressed, we undoubtedly had some challenges that have resulted from the obvious differences in our spiritual beliefs. How do you teach your children to be good without the basis of religious morality?