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If I did something wrong, he should have pulled me aside, or had someone else do it, and tell me. Maybe you can be a prophet of God and act like that; then again maybe you cannot.But whatever else you believe about him, do not kid yourself, he is capable of being an incredibly arrogant, inconsiderate person.

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At the end of the meeting he had a question and answer session.

It makes you wonder if he told this bald face lie to make a point how true are all his other stories - Paul Monson Dunn. I rode up the elevator with him at a game. He was pretty into the game but would not take his eyes off the court when the Jazz Dancers would do their bits (and shake them). I sat two rows behind him while attending Utah Festical Opera's production of '1776'. I thought it was a "teaching moment." Five years later I was in a serviceman's branch in Germany.

- by Hopi Back when Gordie was in charge, Monson popped into an elevator I was taking up to the suite level. He would stop talking, put down his drink, square up his shoulders and stare like a lion. There was a priesthood meeting on a Friday night in Kaiserslautern with Elder Monson.

He could see this plainly and at first I wondered why he would say that when it was so plainly not true. He was talking to the TV audience who couldn't see. As we were leaving he wanted to shake everyone's hand.

What was funny, a little boy a few rows from me looked at his dad and pointed to an empty seat in front of him. It was the boy's first lesson in the true fakeness of Mormonism. What I remember most from the evening was he ended up seated in a suite directly across from mine. He told one elder he really liked the way he carried himself, but didn't think much of everyone else.

First Security's (now Wells Fargo) suite was next to Huntsman's. There were about fifteen priesthood holders there total, from all branches.

Since there were so few of us present Elder Monson had us all sit in the first two rows and he came and stood right in front of us and asked each of us to stand up and introduce ourselves. He started at the left end and pointed to each man asking him to stand up.Monson sits in the Huntsman's suite at Energy Solutions Arena - by Crathes Monson sits in Huntsman's suite. Several hundred were expected to be there, but there was a snowstorm.In a prior life, I used to get comped by First Security Bank multiple times a season. A handful of us from our branch made the trip name: William April 1, 2008 Salt Lake City - A Salt Lake City woman filed a civil suit against LDS Church President Thomas S. Martha Anderson, 72, complained in papers filed in Municipal Court, that Monson has engaged in a pattern of stalking and harassment over the last two years."I had just moved into the neighborhood," Anderson recounts, "and word must have gotten out that I'm a recent widow. "I told him to get off my property, or I'd call the police." Anderson thought that would be the end of it, but it was just the beginning.Aside from all the anti-gay stuff, and misuse of tithing funds, and allegations of fraud, you just have to wonder why?

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