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Iowa Prison Industries is a self-supporting division of the Department of Corrections.Revenue from the sale of products pays for all cost of operation, including civilian salaries, offender allowances, raw materials, and equipment.

As of May 2013, Iowa’s nine correctional facilities housed 8145 prisoners, at 12.98 percent above their capacity. To learn how to become a correctional officer in Iowa, read on.

To save a wish list for future reference, you will need to set up a website account as save the wish list.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact Ann Baughman at [email protected] 515-725-8711. Please visit the Lead Times page for detailed lead times by shop and product line.

As of 2010, Iowa Department of Corrections statistics states that its staff of 2800 served 8800 inmates statewide.

Once hired, correctional officer jobs in Iowa may be based at any of the nine correctional institutions in Iowa and prison farms and industries. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics in its Ames, located in the central part of the Iowa about 30 miles north of Des Moines, is the principal city of Iowa’s Second Judicial District and was home to about 59,000 residents, as of 2010.

Select products may be kept in-stock; please visit the following sections of the website for stocked items and quantities: - Quick Ship School Furniture - Quick Ship Textiles - Bargain Furniture Customers are welcome to visit Iowa Prison Industries facilities to see our shops in action, place orders or discuss special needs.

Please call or e-mail before visiting to set up an appointment and review tour policies.

In order to become a correctional officer in Iowa, candidates must have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.

No specific experience is necessary to become a correctional officer in Iowa.

The Promise Date indicated on our Order Acknowledgements is determined by our current lead times and is utilized by our shops to plan the production timeline for your order.

The warehouse then uses this date as a guideline for scheduling delivery.

Unless special arrangements have been made, deliveries are typically scheduled only a few days in advance.

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