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We look forward to bringing Kohler’s Across the Country!Avalon/Stone Harbor Beach Fill Update May 28th, am The Avalon portion of the beach fill project has been completed.

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Avalon/Stone Harbor Beach Fill Update May 27th, am Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company reports that the south Avalon beach fill is expected to conclude early this afternoon.

A 1,000 foot construction zone in the immediate area must be maintained by the contractor.

Beach goers in the very southern portion of Avalon may access the beach to the north or the south of the construction zone, which is typically two blocks in each direction.

Beach tags sold in Avalon and Stone Harbor are recognized by both towns.

We will provide updates as they become available on this website.

The north end Avalon beach fill concluded more than a week ago and all beach paths from 9th Street south to 76th Street remain open.

As soon as the beach fill concludes at 77th Street, the contractor will remove the pipe from the beach and begin pumping south in Stone Harbor from 84th Street in a southbound direction.

Currently, south end beaches in Avalon/north end beaches in Stone Harbor that are closed include 77th Street south to 81st Street.

A 1,000 foot safety zone must be maintained by the contractor in the immediate work zone.

Avalon/Stone Harbor Beach Fill Update May 26th, pm The United States Army Corps of Engineers reports that the estimated completion of the south end beach fill in Avalon between 77th-80th Streets is at 12 Noon on Saturday, May 26th.

Please view prior posts for more information on the conclusion of this project.

We apologize if this causes an inconvenience but hope you will stop in our store for our remaining open dates to still purchase our baked goods and allow us to assist you for the 2018 season for shipping.