Dating handle silent treatment

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Dating handle silent treatment - dating versus marriage

Naming it and turning the light of truth on it makes it whither and become impotent.Next time you get the look, or the silence, and you can feel that cold, icy heaviness in your chest take a minute and remind yourself that it is a weapon that is being used against you. The first time you’ll feel quite anxious and nervous but just remember that you are breaking an unhealthy habit. If you are still in relationship with your narcissist, and you want your relationship to continue, this method could result in him needing to find another victim.

Let our experts guide you toward the healing power of moving on and allowing yourself some time in the spotlight. louder than a jet taking off on your back porch, scarier than a menopausal woman without air conditioning, and more effective at getting him to do your bidding than rufie.

In this case there is no winner or loser because there is no place for presenting grievances or opinions.

In the southern United States, during the era of slavery, slaves were not allowed to learn to read or write. When one group, or a person, doesn’t allow another to communicate enslavement occurs, whether it’s physical or emotional.

The silent treatment is emotional abuse, pure and simple.

It Puts the Narcissist in Control Be honest, when you are the recipient of the silent treatment you grovel.

A relationship, as happy as it can be, can also have its painful moments.

But how you deal with those bad moments with your partner will determine the longevity and happiness in your relationship.It is not real, it is a head game – psychological warfare, if you will. The next time it will be easier and after a few times it will begin to be fun as you make a game of it and make mental notes about all of the things he is trying to do to regain control. At some point you will be tossed aside because you are no longer supplying his need for emotions, drama, and despair.That’s not necessarily a bad thing – just something to prepare yourself for. It Keeps You from Asserting Yourself keeps you from realizing your own power, confronting him, and questioning his authority.If there were an argument you could possibly “win” it.[Read: How the power of words can make or break your relationship] Sometimes, do you find it easier to just walk away from an argument, slam the door on your partner’s face and give them the silent treatment?