Dating chinese women china

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Dating chinese women china

They won’t understand the context and, possibly, the vocabulary required to follow it correctly.Plus, some things that you might find amusing can be considered as offensive by them. China has opened itself to the world since a while ago, and many things have been changing.

Not this is far too different from what you have seen in your side of the world, but you might be shocked when you see what can come out of their cute and small mouths first time you witness it.

And if you are not clear on what is the “Antipodes”, welcome to the club. Now all of that was intended as humor, which leads me nicely into the first thing you should know about dating Chinese women: It should not come as a surprise to you about Chinese women that they speak Chinese!

The first time I heard it I fake laughed along with the joke I didn’t get either until I was able to go look it up. (and if they speak English, it is only as a second language).

Meaning that even if they accept your help, they will always be the one in charge while you will be the financial provider.

Yes, you will never be the most important person in their lives.

Actually, the competition that you will face for priority can be huge.

Chinese girls consider their family as the paramount people in their lives, and you will never come before them.

Jokes are a cultural thing as you might know, so this tip works for any intercultural relationship.

Avoid as much as possible to tell jokes or to use sarcasm when you are talking to a Chinese girl as, most of the time; they won’t get it.

In China, the ladies are prepared to get married as soon as possible, and they will question your intentions since the very beginning.

In other words, they hardly look for a boyfriend, but for a potential husband.

As I said, it is very easy to stereotype an entire population while writing this type of post, but there is no way around it.

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