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Frank is in his office and stares at a box of Chief Kent’s personal effects. They stop Danny and tell him he can’t go into the ER. They promise to send a doctor out when they know something.Garrett comes in with food for his boss and Frank thanks him. Danny gets there and runs for her calling her name. Eddie is there too and they all try to comfort him.

And he cuts the tongue out of any soldiers that betray him. They bust in the door and then Mario heads out down the hall. She says she’s impressed and says he got a confession and put his life on the line.

He’s in bad shape with many bullets in him and is losing blood copiously.

Danny and Maria race to the hospital with lights blaring.

While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

On #Blue Bloods, Curtis is in the hospital room and shots Hector. Linda calls for help and they start trying to save Hector.

Danny says he won’t leave until he knows she’s okay.

Linda says they have work to do and their long faces won’t make her better. Jamie tells Frank the shooter is Curtis Turner and says he never saw him as a shooter.

He says he has to know what’s going on at the hospital but they can’t get Linda or anyone at the nurse’s station to answer. The doctor notices Linda is bleeding from her mouth. He calls for the trauma team to come back and they grab a gurney.

He tells Linda she’ll be fine and they load her onto it and take her to the OR.

He says his daughter in law was shot and his witness was murdered.

He says he’s calling her out and asks where the hell is her boy. Maria backs the crowd off of them and tells a bystander to turn off his camera phone.

Curtis says he didn’t want to kill him and Danny says he thinks he wanted to earn his stripes with the Warrior Kings then asks who ordered the hit on Hector.

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