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j'ai reçu les graines en 4 jours ,je les et fais germer dans du coton a ma surprise elle ont germer les 3 au bouts de 3 jours déjà incroyable , jai planter les graines en attendant quel sort leur première tige. It started flowering in week 5, but the ideal moment for harvest was after 13 weeks (compared to the advertised 8-9 weeks).

If growing outdoors we do not recommend any temperature below 12ºC at night as the plant would require some heating.Con un origen genético parecido a nuestra Easy Bud pero cruzada con skunk para crear una nueva variedad autofloreciente feminizada.Esta variedad autofloreciente parecida a un bonsái recibe el nombre de Royal Dwarf.Text Size : This is the size of the pure text on your site, after HTML has been removed.Information : Charset : ASCII was the first character encoding standard (also called character set).The high was very nice, but not what I was expecting from a skunk auto.

It also tasted very well, but it tasted like mango (compared to the typical citrus flavour from a skunk). Conclusion; it wasn't a bad harvest or smoke, but I'm guessing the genes of this plant aren't fully stable (or maybe I received the wrong seeds? One was turnd purple and smelled like blueberry and one smelled like cheese.

Pequeña y fácil de cultivar, esta planta es excelente para cualquier productor que quiera probar una variedad autofloreciente diferente.

Commande resu sa bout de 5jou est discret le top.toute mais graines on germé sof 6 des 10 gratuite ce doit être des fin de série mais ce site est vrement le top comparé aux autres site ou j'ai commandé rajouter fles cadeau en plus vous pouvait comendee les yeux fermée .merci royal que en seed!!!

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Pequeña y poderosa, la Royal Dwarf crece rápidamente hasta alcanzar una altura media de 40 a 70 cm. El efecto es muy parecido a la vieja variedad Skunk.