Dating and kicking

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Dating and kicking - dating a woman with emotion baggage

In one of my earlier posts around self love, I touched briefly on understanding yourself and what you love.I am still a firm believer, that understanding your passion, provides purpose and having purpose is key to a happy and healthy mind.

So, my advice, stock up on apples and protein bars, the last thing we want is to feel sad. Next week, as part of my fitness plan and exploring new ways to help improve my wellbeing, I will be writing a post about my experience trying a month of Veganism!Did you go to the gym, completely confuse yourself with the machines and feel totally out of place?Or did you hit up that Zumba class and hide embarrassed at the back feeling uncoordinated?The main reason I sat, wound up like a giddy coil about the anatomy class was, as part of my teachers attempt to engage us in the subject we got to play…. The thought of my brain simply failing to function meaning everything else would also cease to work, well, as I naive nine year old – it scared the heeby jeebies out of me!At the time, I remember being highly impressed with my brain and the amazing things that Mrs. I thought about it a lot, I remember flexing my fingers and my toes and congratulating my brains achievements, I remember crying at the rather brutal ending of Homewood Bound (#nostalgia) and again feeling rather impressed that my brain was the reason I shed a tear, but the most vivid memory I possess was not just the feeling of admirability but of feeling rather worried (even as a child). Fast forward twenty years and the thought of ones brain simply failing to work is now no longer a silly childhood fear but at times a very harsh reality .As I’m nearing the big 3-0, I’ve noticed that the desire to understand who I am and what I am passionate about has become more significant than ever before and something I no longer can or want to ignore.

As that desire grew, I felt that I needed to talk to people around me to ensure I wasn’t going crazy.

They play a huge part in us being disconnected from our true selves and what we are passionate about.

We are constantly pedalled to by the likes of Instagram and Facebook Because of this, I have found myself in a place where I feel slightly lost and I want to define what truly makes me happy.

Or did you go out on a run and find yourself panting against a wall after ten minutes… I have been to countless classes, joined gym after gym and tried (and failed) at so many hobbies.

What works for me, could be a total dud for you, so take your time and find your passion. Or you could be on the total opposite end of the spectrum and your anxiety may hinder you getting out and about.

However your anxiety effects you, I would advise starting small with your workout plan, try and avoid the desire to go in 100% initially so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

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