Dating an accutron watch

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Dating an accutron watch - Adultdating site

I've never had a customer displeased with one of my restorations and most everyone has said they can't believe I was able to remove over 40 years of wear.

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Once you have their estimate in hand I promise you that you'll know why but you will already have spent money on their diagnosis fee when you realize that 0 to 00 is far too much to spend on your Accutron's repair since most can be accomplished with a standard 5 service for 214 and 5 for 218 models. My client base currently includes 15 countries and every state in the U. I buy working and non-working Accutrons, Accutron Spaceview and Accutron Astronaut Watches--especially Accutron Spaceview and Accutron Astronaut Watches.This includes the Accutron Astronaut, Accutron Spaceview, Accutron Railroad, and other asymmetrical Accutrons such as the Accutron Alpha, Accutron Center Lug, Accutron TV Case, and Accutron Anniversary.The tuning fork is driven with energy from a tiny power cell, or battery, by means of an electronic circuit.Often, their watches have case backs with incorrect date codes and incorrect Accutron hands.All of my Accutrons have been meticulously restored with correct factory-like finishes, including correct circular and vertical finishes on case backs.Therefore, those with the date code of MO on the case back are the amongst the first of all Accutrons.

Unlike many space-age devices, the Accutron timepiece was developed solely as a consumer item, although it was also used in many important applications in the United State's exploration of outer space.

The original Accutron was the first and only watch-size timepiece powered by a battery which did not use a balance wheel and hairspring.

Instead, the Accutron mechanism has a tuning fork as the timekeeping element.

Communication is key and I'll keep you informed of my progress as your Accutron Repair and/or Accutron Restoration moves through my repair queue.

Sometimes an Accutron can be temperamental but most often can be repaired inside of 6 weeks.

I'll offer you several photos of each watch to help you make an informed decision.

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