Dating a quadriplegic man

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Dating a quadriplegic man - keep dating the wrong men

After receiving the purchase order, Wiechert drove another 35 miles to Mountainburg, where he bought a hog so he could test out his creation.

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One defense attorney was particularly combative while Wiechert was on the stand. “Well, I built all of them since the mid-70s,” Wiechert said. There’s nothing wrong with hanging.” But that didn’t mean he was a fan of capital punishment.

It’s the electrodes placed on saline-dampened sponges attached to the prisoner’s head and leg that do the business.

After designing the electrodes and control panel, Wiechert gave the state a quote, and says he was selected over the one other fellow who submitted a bid because he held his professional engineer’s license.

* * * orn June 28, 1943, in Brazilton, Kansas, Wiechert was machine-minded from an early age; he began working in his father’s blacksmith shop at the age of ten, where he often assisted in the repair of farm equipment.

Influenced by two engineer uncles, Wiechert later attended Kansas State University, earning his Bachelor’s and then his Master’s in electrical engineering.

He soon sought a transfer to the company’s factory in Fort Smith, a move south that his first wife, who hated Michigan, welcomed.

It wasn’t long before Wiechert distinguished himself in the engineering of appliances.

Wiechert testified that the electric chair was not cruel and unusual, but more than that, he believed that none of the current execution methods were. Never.” Instead, he preferred to focus on the work he called his “do-gooder jobs”: He contrived a machine that enabled a quadriplegic woman to cut cables in a factory and he created and donated Fort Smith’s Creekmore Park train, a miniature locomotive well-loved by locals.

“I think most of the ways that we’ve used the last 150 years have been okay,” he said. And if it’s not botched, there’s nothing wrong with lethal injection. Others knew Wiechert for his casual men’s group; the members would hike, ride horses, and float Arkansas’s legendary Buffalo River (after which they named themselves “The Buffalo Buzzards”).

Wiechert recalled: “He said, ‘You know, the only thing I can find that you’ve ever written is your thesis from when you were in school. The judge stood up and said to the defense attorney, “This guy is an expert. “The only reason I got involved was because of my engineering,” Wiechert asserted.

Shut your mouth.” “I got a kick out of that,” Wiechert said. “I never got involved because I had a political argument.

For at least the past quarter-century, he has been the only person in America doing this work.