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While out in London with Law one night, Miller, now 32, dialed the hunky British actor, 45, and said, "Hi, it's me.I can't speak, I'm at the Groucho with Jude.

He initailly failed to gain a place at RADA, LAMDA, the Young Vic or The Guildhall."It allowed me just to f*** around and be seventeen," he said later.The full package: Everybody has seen those iconic shots of Craig on the beach in Casino Royale when he emerges from the sea in tiny swimming trunks with muscles rippling everywhere.Actress Judi Dench was lucky enough to work closely with Daniel Craig, and while using a trailer opposite his, she was surprised to find Daniel wandering around naked one day. ‘It’s an absolute monster,’ she naughtily revealed.At another point, the whole gang is singing Hotline Bling as part of their revels.Gold brings out a buoyancy in Craig whose Iago springs with a dangerous joy. The quinetssential late bloomer, he is even more popular and desired today than in his youth.

That said, a former lover spilled on exactly why the actor has always had a licence to thrill the ladies.When the audience is illuminated, it’s hard to avoid Craig’s magnetic gaze when he catches you watching him.Oyelowo provides ballast to their dynamic and it seems almost possible his grounded, confident Othello could resist Iago’s venomous taunts.Judi Dench, meanwhile, drops in an uncorroborated fact that indicates that he may not have a gun is his pocket, he really is simply pleased to see you. A new book, Daniel Craig: A Biography by Sarah Marshall, delves into the past of the British superstar.He may mutter and moan that he would rather slit his wrists than return as James Bond, but Daniel Craig was once more than happy to drag up as an Ugly Sister in pantomime. SCROLL DOWN FOR THE TOP 9 OUTRAGEOUS FACTS ABOUT DANIEL CRAIGHe ended up being presented to his mother in an old newspaper: ‘Just like a packet of chips.’ 2.Matthew Maher, as Roderigo, generates hilarity with his pregnant pauses and quizzical glances.