Constellation aries dating ariane

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Aeëtes hung its skin in a sacred place where it became known as the Golden Fleece and was guarded by a dragon.

Aries is a relatively dim constellation, possessing only four bright stars: Hamal (Alpha Arietis, second magnitude), Sheratan (Beta Arietis, third magnitude), Mesarthim (Gamma Arietis, fourth magnitude), and 41 Arietis (also fourth magnitude).

During the times of the year when Aries was prominent, priests would process statues of Amon-Ra to temples, a practice that was modified by Persian astronomers centuries later.

Aries acquired the title of "Lord of the Head" in Egypt, referring to its symbolic and mythological importance.

In ancient Egyptian astronomy, Aries was associated with the god Amon-Ra, who was depicted as a man with a ram's head and represented fertility and creativity.

Because it was the location of the vernal equinox, it was called the "Indicator of the Reborn Sun".

Phrixos and Helle were the son and daughter of King Athamas and his first wife Nephele.

The king's second wife, Ino, was jealous and wished to kill his children.John Flamsteed, in his Atlas Coelestis, followed Ptolemy's description by mapping it above the figure's head.The First Point of Aries, the location of the vernal equinox, is named for the constellation. Because of the precession of the equinoxes, the First Point of Aries has since moved into Pisces and will move into Aquarius by around 2600 AD.The generally accepted Arabic formation of Aries consisted of thirteen stars in a figure along with five "unformed" stars, four of which were over the animal's hindquarters and one of which was the disputed star over Aries's head.In 1612, Petrus Plancius introduced Apes, a constellation representing a bee.Modern-day Aries was known as Although likely compiled in the 12th or 11th century BC, the MUL.

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