Chatroom dark cavern

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Chatroom dark cavern

"Yet, our hypothesis is that they may still interact occasionally with regular matter." If WIMPs exist, LZ scientists hope to see a few of them in their detector per year.When a WIMP – a hypothetical dark matter particle – collides with a xenon atom, the xenon atom emits a flash of light (gold) and electrons.

In addition to being located deep underground, where it is protected from charged particles hitting Earth from space, the xenon vessel will be embedded in several layers of shielding and detectors that will help suppress unwanted background signals from gamma rays emitted by radioactive substances in the cavern walls and by the detector materials themselves. "These include neutrons that come off the detector walls due to radioactive processes and neutrinos produced in the sun's nuclear fusion reactions, which can traverse matter just like WIMPs," Akerib says.

It promises to become the most sensitive tool for the direct detection of WIMPs – weakly interacting massive particles – that many researchers believe to be the fundamental components of dark matter.

LZ will replace LUX, a dark matter experiment that holds the current record for looking for WIMPs of most possible masses.

"Fortunately, these particles have different signatures." In addition to the shielding provided by its location one mile underground, LZ’s xenon vessel will be surrounded by several layers of detectors and shielding that help suppress unwanted signals from particles other than WIMPs.

Credit: LZ collaboration Nevertheless, certain cosmic neutrinos are expected to trigger WIMP-like signals – an unavoidable background that ultimately limits the detector's sensitivity.

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In 2019, researchers plan to replace the current dark matter experiment LUX with the more sensitive LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ).

DOE's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, a key member of the LZ collaboration, is setting up a test stand for the detector prototype and a facility to purify liquid xenon, which will be the detector's "eye" for dark matter.

If everything goes according to plan, LZ will be installed one mile underground in a cavern of the former Homestake gold mine in South Dakota.

Found between the Bowerstone Market and Bower Lake in Millfields, Dankwater Cavern is a small area traversed during the side quest Hobnobbing With Hobbes.

To find the Dankwater Cavern when travelling from Bowerstone Market, watch on your right for a large statue of a man with a telescope, immediately after Bower Lake comes into view.

There are also multiple dive spots and two silver keys, along with a few dig spots and chests.