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CRABB John (*Crab), TREISE Lucretia (*Luccretia Treas), M230 (LPW) NOTE: This marriage also recorded in Callington Parish Register as 22Aug1696 (Parish Register - per Alastair Tinto) LINK TO FURTHER INFORMATION RETURN TO TENTATIVE FAMILY TREE FAMILY of STEVEN and MARGRET PETHRICK nee TREISE Margaret was the daughter of John and Flower Treise nee Maister. Margaret daughter of Jayn Trease (Parish Register - Alastair Tinto) NOTE: This appears to be the daughter of John. 06Jul1698 omitted from her mother Flower's will but husband and children are included. Stephen PETHICK 1652 10Apr1652 Property document for Hilton, Whitstone mentions Nathaniel Pethick, carpenter of Whitstone, and sons John and Stephen (CRO RD/1114) No further reference to Stephen in Whitstone but could he be related to this Stephen who names a son Nathaniel. Stephen together with his son Nathaniel is mentioned in this lease. 18May1668 Stoke Climsland Steven PETHRICK and Margret TREES (FMP) 1698 i. Margaret Petherick wife of Stephen (COD - BTs) 1698 w.

Joan Smith, widow (decd.) (Lives: Mary Roberts, dtr. '427' and note of production in Chancery 21 March 1743. Jane TREESE daur of John (FMP) NOTE: This baptism is listed in Alastair Tinto's history as Grace TREESE. c1756 c1759 c1761 |GRIFFIN c1764 GIDDY c1767 | PINE c1751 c1754 c1755 c1758 c1761 c1764 c1767 i1807 | m1770 i1775 i1826 |m1788 m1789 i1840 | m1791 i1776 i1754 i1773 i1766 i1773 TREE SOURCES SOURCES __________________________________| _________________________|_______________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | Jenifer Andrew Susan Susan Willm = Thomasin James = Sarah Jenifer Nancy = John Richd = Fanny Betsy Grace c1791 c1793 c1800 c1801 b1794? In the 1641 Protestation return for Stoke climsland, two John Treises are listed. It is possible that the other is his father but it could be that it is another John. 22Jan1670/71 Callington John TREESE (Callington Parish Register - Alastair Tinto - Treais family of Stoke Climsland) 1671 w. All subsequent baptisms are found in Callington, the next being son William in 1653. 1646 "I give to John, the son of John Treise, my brother, one sheep" (1646 Probate of Sampson Treise, yeoman, Stoke Climsland) 1664 Michaelmas Hearth Tax Callington Parish, Hundred of East, Cornwall (COD and ER) John TREAS 3 ret one short 1671 i. Sampson Trease married Julian Roberts in 1625 and it may be that the Roberts mentioned in this document are related.

NOTE1: Nathaniel Petherick is a grandson in Flower's will and would be a nephew of this Andrew, if he is her son. For example, three burials of Elizabeth Tr**s without further identification are recorded - 1732, 1735, and 1737. Also there are many references to Treises in Callington who have not been identified eg George Treise (referenced in an 1842 newspaper). | | CRABB c1680 | b1697 i1728 | m1694 | d1736 _______|____________________ _______________________|_______________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | Suff'nce=Saml Eliz. John Sarah Margt John Grace Edward c1677 |SLADE c1681 | BROWNE c1709 | JANE c1711 c1712 c1714 c1717 c1720 c1721 i1741 |m1704 d.unm? John TREIS 1641 He may be either the John TRESE or the John TREASE listed on the Protestation Return for Stoke Climsland Parish. | LEE c1795 | GOLDSWORTHY c1797 c1802 | DOWN c1803 | WILLS c1806 c1807 d1834 i1800 i1826 i1867 | m1817 d1868 | m1819 | m1823 i1875 | m1827 SOURCES SOURCES SOURCES ___________________________________________________| _______________|______________________________ |_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Eliza=? Harriet =Willm Eliz Mary Mary =John Willm= Jane Sarah=Richd James= Eliz. In 1640 a John Treise married Honor Goodman in Stoke Climsland, it may be that that marriage is a first marriage of this John (or a remarriage of his father) - no surviving children from that marriage have been traced but they would be difficult to trace anyway as baptismal records from the Civil War period rarely survive. i1832 |m1850 d1885| m1846 |m1844 | m1850 i1828 | m1851 | m1853 i1837 m1856 | m1845 |m1867 m1867 d1861 d1891 m1871 m1891 SOURCES SOURCES SOURCES SOURCES ___________________________________________________________________________________________|__ _________________|_____________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | James Willm = Mary Henry = Mary Richd Emma Mary John Sarah George Albert Eliz. = John James = Ellen Henry = Matilda b1847 b1848 | WEBB b1850 | WILLIAMS b1852 b1854 b1857 b1859 b1861 b1863 b1866 b1869 b1851 | RULE b1856 | COOK b1860 | ? 18Apr1707 Southill Edward TREISE and Grace DINGLE (LPW) LINK TO FURTHER INFORMATION William TREIS William is the fourth son mentioned in mother Flower's will and thought to be her fourth oldest surviving son.